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Since the topic of suicide prevention is important to me both personally and professionally, I would like to share another post on this subject. September 10th is the World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). It is a day of mourning and remembrance. It should also draw attention to the fact that suicides can be prevented in many cases. In Germany, about 10,000 people die every year from suicide. This is three times more than in traffic. However, public attention for traffic fatalities is significantly higher than for suicides, which are still largely a taboo topic in society. At the same time, an awareness of this problem among the population and corresponding knowledge of background information and risk factors could prevent suicides and thus save lives.

On this day, numerous events on the subject of suicide prevention will take place worldwide. You can find a good overview for Germany here:, in Berlin for example a pub discussion at Hirsch und Hase with professionals and the musicians of Perez Musik takes place. The event is supported by Netzwerk Suizidprävention Berlin (represented by Berliner KrisendienstU25 Deutschland,  NeuhlandNummergegenkummer and Jugendnotmail. I have already noted the date in my calendar and will surely be around. 

In addition I would like to support the helpers with their important work, therefore I collected donations last year for U25 Deutschland, mainly through print sales. U25 is an online counselling service for people under 25 in crisis situations, the age group with the highest suicide rate. U25 goes where young people and young adults are best reached, at schools and on the Internet. This is combined with support and advice from peer counsellors, i.e. also young adults under 25. This year I collect donations for U25 again and will transfer these on September 10th. I have already collected more than 100€ in donations so far, of course I am happy about every additional Euro. Who would like to support this donation action, can donate an amount directly or buy printed works of me. If you are interested just contact me.

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