You have to hurry up if you want to see something, everything disappears. (Paul Cezanne)

Daniel Anhut

A Day with DJ Sonny Daze

In 2015 this series was created with Dj Sonny Daze. I got a request from his manager, who was looking for a photographer in Berlin. Sonny was just on tour in Europe and needed some pictures of this stay. Since it was not a classical commissioned work and we all had freedom in the implementation, I agreed. The contact with Sonny was very pleasant and we quickly found a common idea. We walked together with Benedikt Elser through Prenzlauer Berg, rummaged in record stores, talked about many things and also took some pictures. Some of them can now be found in this blog post.

The next stop was Zionskirchplatz.

At that time this form of shooting was still quite new territory for me, but I liked it from the beginning. It's nice when you can also talk to your counterpart, wander around with your eyes open and look for opportunities for beautiful pictures. Meanwhile I use this form of getting to know and photographing relatively regularly.

Thank you Sonny and Benedikt for a lovely afternoon. If you want to listen to Sonny's music, check out his Soundcloud.